Volunteer Opportunities at our Senior Living Community

Volunteers are key in making Daughters of Sarah a special place to live, work and visit.

Volunteers Make Our Community a Special Place!

Join the dedicated teens (ages 13-18), students, adults, and families who bring smiles to the faces of our residents through acts of loving-kindness.

Here are some volunteer opportunities:

Escort/Transport Volunteer

Sometimes our residents just need a lift. You can help bring our residents in wheelchairs to activities and events happening in Village Square or in other parts of the facility. Oftentimes, their participation depends on volunteers and escorts.

Resident Visitor

Some residents don’t have family or friends able to visit, yet they yearn for companionship and conversation. A ten-minute conversation is all it takes to make someone’s day. What a mitzvah (good deed) that could be!

Religious Services

Our residents enjoy attending religious services, whether for Shabbat and other Jewish holidays or Christian services and Mass. You can help them fill their spiritual needs by accompanying or assisting them in getting to their services which are held in the Nursing Center.

Sarah’s Corner Gift Shop

Do you enjoy shopping? Volunteer in the gift shop and help others with their shopping. Open on weekdays and closed during Jewish holidays.

Training and orientation is provided to all volunteers.

Teens (ages 13-18), students, adults, and families are welcome to join our team of volunteers at our active senior living community. For more information, contact Mary Roy, our Director of Recreation, at (518) 456.7831.

Download our Volunteer Application PDF.