Would you do something for our parents?

When Leslie first moved to Daughters of Sarah Community for Seniors a few months ago, she felt very confused.

Where was her daughter, who had lovingly fed her, bathed her, and tended to her needs for many years?

Who were these other people?

Why was she here?

In between family visits, the Daughters of Sarah staff made her feel at home and quickly got Leslie settled, surrounded by some of her favorite things – treasured family photos, her blanket, paintings on her wall.

Our new chaplain, Rabbi Ami, regularly spends time with Leslie, discussing holidays and encouraging her to join him in prayer. Leslie finds great delight in our regular musical performances, tapping her feet and raising her hands above her head, with a broad smile on her face. Sometimes, you’ll find her on her unit engaged in debates on current events, singing gleefully, or sharing funny anecdotes about her life – adding to the joy of her fellow residents.

Residents like Leslie get to enjoy the items and services that aren’t funded by other sources thanks to donors like you. Through the Annual Campaign, we are able to make a meaningful difference in the daily lives of our residents with activities like lectures and musicians, craft programs and sensory activities. And our staff benefit, too, with opportunities like training for advancement, tuition reimbursement, and even staff appreciation activities like Ice Cream Day.

As we near year-end and a season of gratitude, I want to ask for your help:

Please consider making a gift of $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or any amount of your choosing so that we can continue providing best-in-class care to our residents.

You can make your secure gift – and your difference – online HERE.

You can also mail your contribution to Daughters of Sarah Jewish Foundation, 180 Washington Ave Ext, Albany, NY  12203

To contact the Foundation, call 518-724-3260 or EMAIL US.

Sincerely, Andy Swartz, President

Daughters of Sarah Jewish Foundation Board