Daughters of Sarah News

Celebrating 100 Years!

Yesterday we welcomed Olive to the Centenarian Club! It’s something not many achieve and we were very happy to celebrate with her.

20 Questions – the Family Version

As we gather around for family holidays, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask your elders to capture their stories. These conversation starters are great prompts at any age. While you can write the answers, consider videotaping them. This way you can share with the click of an email. Download 20 Questions Here…
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Tips for Celebrating Hanukkah, Chanukah, and Hannuka from Rabbi Ami

Looking for new ways to talk about the Festival of Lights? Rabbi Amiel Monson, Chaplain at Daughters of Sarah Community for Seniors, put together helpful tips for making the holiday meaningful for seniors — and youngsters, too. Download his PDF here: JFS Jewish Journal – Hanukkah 21

Virtual Mystery Challenge a Success!

For those who participated in prior Mystery Challenges, going Virtual was something new. We had hoped to be live, but when COVID started once again to spread, we opted to go virtual. We were, in essence, prohibited from gathering. In determining an event theme, Prohibition seemed a logical way to go. Goody bags to participants…
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Would you do something for our parents?

When Leslie first moved to Daughters of Sarah Community for Seniors a few months ago, she felt very confused. Where was her daughter, who had lovingly fed her, bathed her, and tended to her needs for many years? Who were these other people? Why was she here? In between family visits, the Daughters of Sarah…
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Thanksgiving Visits to the Nursing Center

On this Veterans Day, we recognize and give special thanks to our veterans for their sacrifice, honor, service, and loyalty to this country. Earlier today, we held a brief ceremony in tribute to our 18 Nursing & Rehabilitation Center residents who graciously and unselfishly gave of their time, bodies, minds, and souls to defend and…
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