Gardening Tips From Our Massry Residents

This year, our residents have planted fresh herbs and tomatoes with the help of the kitchen staff. We expect our meals to be extra tasty this summer! But why should you miss out on the fun?

With the bright sunlight and warm weather, it’s the perfect time to start a successful garden. Here are some tips and facts for you and your family to benefit from fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

Soil Preparation:

The health of your plants relies on the quality of your soil. Begin by creating a nutrient-rich environment by combining gardening soil with organic fertilizer. Another effective option is using compost derived from food and foliage scraps. Additionally, incorporating rock dust into the soil will provide valuable minerals for optimal plant growth. Remember to ensure proper drainage by having 1-3 small holes in pots or suitable gaps in larger planters.

Indoor Seed Starting:

For a head start on your garden, consider sprouting seeds indoors. This method allows you to provide the ideal germination conditions and nurture young plants before transplanting them outside. It typically takes 1-2 weeks before they’re ready for outdoor planting.

Watering Practices:

To keep your garden thriving, it’s essential to establish a consistent watering routine. Water your plants in the morning to ensure enough moisture reaches the roots and to avoid issues related to damp foliage during cooler evenings. Be mindful that different plants have varying water requirements, so pay attention to individual needs.

Additional Resources:

If you’d like to dive deeper into plant care, we recommend exploring The Plant Growing Guide, available at This comprehensive and free resource offers valuable information on caring for various plants and herbs, providing insights and guidance to help you become a knowledgeable gardener.

Following these tips, you can create a flourishing garden that provides organic and wonderful herbs, vegetables, and flowers.