2021 Spring Appeal ~ The Hilton’s Love Story

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been devastating for husband & wife, Joe and Judy Hilton. Pre-pandemic, every day, sometimes twice a day you could find Judy at Joe’s side feeding him, reading him a favorite book or helping him reminisce about their life together. That completely came to an abrupt halt on March 12, 2020.

Since then, Judy has only seen Joe either virtually or through an inch of glass. Judy does have peace of mind Joe is well cared for but still longs for a time when she and her family can embrace Joe, kiss him and tell him they love him.

The Hilton’s story is truly poignant but unfortunately not unique. Here at Daughters of Sarah Community for Seniors, we have strived to keep our residents’ health and safety our number one priority throughout the pandemic.

Your help is needed!
Your 2021 Spring Appeal donation will:

  • Sustain the personal visitation needs of each resident: i.e.- virtual visits, window visits, outdoor in-person visits, and indoor in-person visits. All vital to the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of ALL of our residents!
  • Assist us with our on-going pandemic related expenses: i.e.: vaccinations, COVID testing, healthcare recruitment efforts & PPE supplies.

A portion of your
2021 Spring Appeal donation will assist us in purchasing a
Respirator Fit Tester!
Fit Test Respirator

This mechanical tester helps to properly fit our healthcare staff in N95 masks quicker, easier and with a lower margin of error. Strengthening our infection control measures, thus ensuring the health & wellbeing of both staff and residents!

You can make your 2021 Spring Appeal donation HERE

Throughout our Spring Appeal we’ll bring you more insight and personal stories from the Hilton’s.  Here’s Judy telling us how she and Joe fell in love and the fear she felt when the Pandemic hit.