Alison Matthews and Daniel Bernstein
Ruth and Rob Brass
Linda and Chris Carothers
Debbie and Jeff Cohen
Congregation Gates of Heaven
Joy Davidoff and James Finale
Nona and Stephen Deitcher
Talya Shulman and Alan DiStasio
Rabbi David and Jodi Eligberg
Audrey Ellowitz
Evy and Larry Farbstein
Leslie and Barry Feinman
Sherry and Marvin Freedman
Phyllis and Steven Frisch
Gail Kendall and David Galletly
Dorothy and Robert Ganz
Carolyn and Bruce Ginsburg
Karen and Mark Glaser
Kathy and Billy Golderman
Neil and Jane Golub
Jill S. Goodman and Arthur N. Malkin
Gwen and Jeffrey Grossman
Abbey Farbstein and Joe Herd
Mindy and Jesse Holland
Laura and David Hollander
Sharon Flom and Steven Huz
Laura and Ed Jacobs
Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York
Judy and Bill Kahn
Gail and Ron Karo
Dale and Richard Katz
Rabbi Rena and Shalom Kieval
Julie and Jim Knox
Marta and Mark Koblenz
Robert and Ilana Kovach
Bette and Stuart Kraut
Mindy and Steven Lam
Eric Larner
Sara Lee and Barry Larner
Jane and Mark Levine
Karen and Alan Lobel
Sheila and Ira Lobel
Penny and Neil Manasse
Esther and Morris Massry
Mallory and Murray C. Massry
Micki and Norman Massry
Eileen and Bob Michaels
Julie and Barry Pollack
Hildy and Herb Reich
Joan and Jack Rosenblum
Amarit Rosin and Seth Rosenblum
Jeff and Anne Rothenberg
Carole Ju and David Rubin
Randi and Del Salmon
Schenectady Jewish Community Center
Beth and Mark Scher
Ruth and Michael Schulman
Tanya and Ben Schwartz
Laura and Hilton Segal
Nancie and Ken Segel
Karen and Gavin Setzen
Shara and David Siegfeld
Eric Silverman and Lauren Weintraub
Susan and Gene Sneeringer
Rosemary and Robert Sneeringer
Naomi and Joseph Storch
Beth and Andrew Swartz
Gene and Howard Tarler
Congressman Paul Tonko
Terry and Dan Tyson
Herm Ungerman
Barbara Wachs
Lianne Pinchuk Wladis and Edward Wladis
Ruth Margolis Yorker
Nini Wu and Ira Zackon